Thursday, April 11, 2013

Playing With Balls

Once again the weather is doing its rain/sleet/snow thing and the sidewalks are just too dangerous to walk on today.... so Charlie and I are playing indoor games!

I have to admit, Charlie has an embarrassingly full toy box overflowing with a variety of different toys ~ she's spoiled. In fact, she has THREE toy boxes! One is downstairs and includes "small dog" toys that she shares with her roommate, Peanut (a Chihuahua/Shitzu mix); one upstairs in my apartment mostly filled with bouncy balls and food-dispensing toys; and one in the closet with toys that we rotate between the other two toy boxes so they don't get bored with the same toys all the time.

I know.

With all these different toys, I've had an opportunity to learn what my dog really likes. And mostly, she likes to make noise. But not just any noise. She likes squeaky toys that she can "talk" with. Yep, she can make a toy "squeak" a variety of different ways depending on how she holds it in her mouth, and she takes a lot of pride in getting them to make some pretty strange sounds! I love this about her!

The picture above shows a few of her favorites. The spiky ones don't squeak, but she absolutely LOVES the texture of these in her mouth. And I love them because they don't get as slimy as the tennis balls do.

Last Thanksgiving, she got the orange football squeaky toy pictured above. She rolled around with that one for a full hour, completely blissed out with the "duck-like" squeak that it makes.

Today, I bought her this new squeaky toy I found at Marathon Town & Country Store in Wausau. I hadn't planned on getting her any new toys - she has plenty! But the label on this one stated "Special squeaker makes different sounds." A huge smile spread across my face when I read that! I know my dog so well that I could totally see the hours of fun this toy would bring her tonight (and many nights to come). And I was right! She actually voluntarily skipped her dinner tonight because she was so wrapped up in making this thing squeak in her own language.

She's currently hanging out in her tent, happily squeaking away. Oh yeah... she's got a tent too. Yep, I know... spoiled.

Sometimes good toys are hard to come by. Seems like the big box stores have all the same-old generic ones that you find everywhere. I tend to find the best toys at Marathon Town & Country Store... they carry a lot of ones that I never see anywhere else. If you live in this area, you should check them out this Saturday at their 12th annual open house.