Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rib Mountain State Park

I went to look at a house for sale today - possibly wishful thinking - and decided to head up to Rib Mountain State Park since we were in the neighborhood. Tons of people were walking up the pedestrian trail along the road to the top - some with strollers, some with dogs, all of them with smiles! It's so nice to be out enjoying the warm weather finally!

You might be disappointed to find that I did not take any pictures of our hike today; I know I am. I had the camera along, but there was still ice and snow on much of the trail system, combined with the rocky terrain and having to keep Charlie on a leash, there was no way I could take pictures. Charlie was off-leash for quite a bit of our hike because it was just too difficult for me to hold the leash while trying not to slip or fall. But there were also parts of the trail where I was totally grateful I had the leash to hold onto and a dog strong enough to help pull me up! We had a great time and can't wait to go back when the snow is truly gone.

Charlie was surprisingly well-behaved staying on-leash which leads me to believe she is finally out of her bratty "teenage" puppy years and has become a well-behaved best friend. Looking forward to many more happy hikes this summer!