Monday, May 20, 2013

Black and White and GREEN all over!

We're back from our weekend road trip! All the fresh air and long hours in the Jeep have tired us out, but we had a lot of fun. The trees were fully leafed-out in this part of Wisconsin, lilacs were in full bloom - so sweet - and everything was GREEN! The weather was warm and humid and we even had a night of spectacular thunderstorms with quite the light show.

My ten-year-old niece joined us for part of the journey and was glued to Charlie for the whole weekend. It's pure joy to watch a little girl with a dog. And Charlie, of course, was so happy to have someone to throw her ball, rub her belly, scratch her ears, and receive her endless kisses. Adorable.

The weekend was filled with family time, sitting on quiet hillsides, planting flowers, watching birds and deer, enjoying the hazy sunset while grilling food. Laughter drifted across the tiny valleys as we watched Charlie do acrobatics while chasing her ball. The stormy night began with bedtime ghost stories and ended with two girls of very different ages lying in bed and talking late into the night, reminiscent of being at camp.

I did not spend the weekend with rigorous trail walks or explorations, but instead filled my heart with family.

Have fun.
Take care of yourself.
Be good to others.