Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blues Amidst Green

I'm not a believer in organized religion and generally don't discuss my faith publicly - everyone has their own ideas. I will say, however, that I believe in Mother Nature. The book, The Celestine Prophecy, although a little hokey in places, makes some very good points about the renewing effect nature has on our "energy."

When I'm stressed, angry, sad, or just plain pissed off, I'm always amazed at how an hour in the woods, hiking and getting my body moving, erases all signs of negativity. Once I emerge from the forest, my head is clear, my outlook is bright and I can smile again. It's impossible to feel blue amidst the green. I think psychiatrists and doctors should prescribe a daily long walk through woods and mountains and streams instead of anti-depressants. Of course, this might put them out of business since it's their job to sell us pills.

I challenge you to find a secluded spot this weekend, sit on a rock, listen to the tree branches sway in the wind, watch the clouds scuttle by, inhale the sweet scent of earth. See how you feel when you get back to the parking lot. Sit in your car for a minute and let those feelings soak in. Carry them with you throughout the day. Share them with others through your smile and kindness. Pass it on.