Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Dudley... Love, Charlie

Follow the weekly pen-pal letters between Charlie and Dudley as they discuss life as dogs. Dudley lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Sarah Kilgallon, who leads dogs on wilderness trail hikes through pristine conservation land. You can view her blog at:

Dear Dudley,
Where have you been?  You must be very busy with your job.  I could not wait for your next letter - I want to tell you about all the fun I had last weekend!  My mom took me on a long road trip!  I can always tell when we will be driving for a long time because she puts lots of bags and boxes in the back of the car with me.  This is how I know to lay down and take a long nap.  I used to be able to sit in the Middle-Up-Front.  I LOVE sitting in the Middle-Up-Front!  I could lean on Mom's shoulder when we turned around corners and I could see out the big front window.  Then Mom put up something that makes me stay in the back.  I still try to sneak around it so I can put my nose out the window but I really miss sitting in the Middle-Up-Front.  Here is a picture of me when I got to sit in the Middle-Up-Front...

Oh, but wait!  I have to tell you about last weekend!  Mom picked up a little girl to ride with us part of the way and she let me give her all the kisses I want!  When we got to the Fun Country Place, I could run wherever I wanted without my leash on!  The little girl threw my ball for me EVERY time I brought it to her!  Sometimes she would lose my ball and then I would bring her a stick or a walnut!  She would throw those too!  Then she turned on the sprinkler for us to play in the water and get a drink.  She was very good at giving belly rubs and also scratching behind my ears.  I love her.

I was very tired when we left the Fun Country Place and I took a long nap.  We stopped at a school to drop off the little girl and I got to get out of the car to say good-bye.  I REALLY wanted to go in the school with her.  I was very sad to say good-bye.  I watched until she got in the building and then Mom made me get back in the car.  I went back to sleep but I had good dreams of playing fetch with my new little friend and imagined that I could still feel her rubbing my belly.  I can't wait to see the little girl again!

Do you ever get to go for car rides?  Do you like little girls as much as me?  Write me back as soon as possible.  I LOVE being pen-pals!