Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Dudley

Follow the weekly pen-pal letters between Charlie and Dudley as they discuss life as dogs. Dudley lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Sarah Kilgallon, who leads dogs on wilderness trail hikes through pristine conservation land. You can view her blog at:

Dudley's letter:

Dear Dudley,
I've been so confused this week.  My Jeep with the Middle-Up-Front seat is gone! Mom came home with a different car and I am so lost... I don't know where to sit and all my good smells are gone! There's a big back seat with windows that go down and there's the front seat with a window. There's even a window in the roof! But the Middle-Up-Front seat is WAY too small for me to sit on and I keep sliding off. I don't know what I'm going to do. I like to go for rides.

I know what you mean about sister-dogs. I have a roommate-dog named Peanut. She is my grandma's dog and they live with us. She was here first so she thinks she is the boss, but she is just a little Chihuahua. When we play Tug-A-War, I always win! And sometimes I steal the treats that she hides in her blankie! Peanut is also very slow on walks, but it's not because she is sniffing everything like your sister Ethel... it's because she eats too many treats and stays on the couch all the time! I would be SO bored if I stayed on the couch all the time.

Last time Peanut came on a hike with me and my mom, Peanut turned around and headed back to the parking lot before we were even very far down the trail. What a wimp! Mom tells me to be patient because Peanut has leg problems, but they look fine to me! Maybe someday Peanut will get a leg-cart so I can chase her around and bite her tires!

I wish I could go on hikes with you! We could race each other and see who is the fastest!

My mom's birthday is this weekend and I plan on getting her up real early on Saturday so we can go for a walk right away! She loves to take me on walks! I'm going to give her lots of kisses too. I love her. Mom said that National Trails Day is on her birthday so we get to celebrate by going hiking! I can't wait! I hope you get to go hiking this weekend too. I'll write back about my adventures as soon as I can.

Friends Always,

p.s.  Here is another picture of me. Mom makes sure I get a good workout by attaching this long stretchy cord to my harness so I have to pull hard to go fast!