Friday, May 17, 2013

Road Trip! Driftless Area

Charlie and I are heading out on a road trip tomorrow! We'll be traveling down to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin... that would be the southwest corner of the state. This is probably my most favorite part of the state - rolling hills dotted with cows, ancient oak trees, highways cut through limestone rock, meandering streams and the high bluffs along the Mississippi River. Everything is scenic and nostalgic to me in this place.

We'll have a great time romping through wide open fields and woods, splashing through spring-fed streams and absorbing the energy of nature. Plus, Charlie will get to play with her friend, BB - a black lab mix who is dumber than a rock but such a sweet boy. He exudes the patience of a saint while Charlie torments him in her smart-ass way. It's a joy to watch these two very different dogs interact with such playfulness that brings smiles and laughter to everyone in the house.