Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Dudley

Follow the weekly pen-pal letters between Charlie and Dudley as they discuss life as dogs. Dudley lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Sarah Kilgallon, who leads dogs on wilderness trail hikes through pristine conservation land. You can view her blog at:

Dudley's letter:

Dear Dudley,
I am always so happy to hear from you! We are having a HOT summer too. That is funny, it's like we are neighbors or something. I am sorry to hear that Ethel is scared of fireworks. We live by a baseball park and there are fireworks every Friday night. Mom sits in the window seat and watches them with me and says "OOH" and "AHH" so I figure they are okay because they make her happy.

I got to go on a Road Trip last weekend to Grandpa's Country House and did not hear any fireworks. Mom took me to a pet store where I got to sniff bunnies! They were so soft and cute and my tail was wagging from one cheek to the other! I LOVE bunnies! I was very good and didn't bark at them so Mom let me sniff them for a long time. It was very hot on our Road Trip but I liked being in the car with air conditioning after the hiking was done.

Your Summer List looks like fun! I also like #1, #4 and #5 but Mom is REALLY strict about my food so I have never had a hot dog or ice cream. I think Mom is starting to think about letting me try some ice cream though because she hears about how you get to have it all the time. I know she is just worried about me getting Sick Tummy because my tummy gets sick sometimes. I wait as long as I can before I wake her up to have Sick Tummy and she is very nice to me. I get to have special Pumpkin and Ginger dog treats to make me feel better and lots of Love too. Sometimes Mom makes me a special ice cube treat with toys frozen in it so I lick and chew till the toys melt out! It is so much FUN! I also get a little Water Pool in the backyard so I can snorkel for my toys in the water. I LOVE to snorkel!

That is funny that you said you could come visit next summer. When we were on the Road Trip, I saw a car with Massachusetts license plates and I thought it was you! But Mom said that you have a different car so it was not you. Mom said you can visit anytime you like. I will even share my toys and treats with you because we are Best Friends!


p.s. I also like to BITE water! Watch my funny video: