Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap: Finding Balance

Charlie and I stayed home this weekend. After too many weeks in a row of traveling and hiking, we were both worn out and ready to rest and relax at home. Of course this doesn't mean we layed around on the couch watching t.v. and eating ice cream all weekend! Well, I guess there was some laying on the couch and t.v. watching, but we did venture out to our favorite park and even walked downtown to catch some of the live music happenings! Charlie loves a crowd and eats up the attention like a starved dog.

The weather, though unusually cold and drizzly, was ideal for lazy afternoon naps and baking comfort food.

I visited the Woodson Art Museum to check out the new additions in the sculpture garden and luckily the rain held off until I was safely back in the car on the way home!

We had a long, relaxing hike around the trails at Big Eau Pleine County Park early Sunday morning where Charlie stretched her legs, running full speed down the trail. She's been such an angel on our leashed hikes lately and I wanted to reward her good behavior on this one trail that I feel comfortable having her off-leash since we typically have it all to ourselves. Even though it was cloudy and threatening rain, the woods were beautiful. We even saw a "dragon"... see if you can spot it in the photos below!

Hope you all had a great weekend with your fur-kid too!


  1. Hi Heather,

    Great blog and a fun project you are doing! Thanks for bringing the importance of trails to residents of Wisconsin. I'm from Arizona but am packing my bags to come enjoy trails in your state in a big way. Starting August 16 in St Croix Falls, I will try to run the Ice Age Trail most of the way across the state, covering about 40 miles per day, then cross Lake Michigan on the SS Badger ferry before continuing on across Michigan on the North Country Trail to the Ohio border. In total, I expect to run 600 miles in 17 days. This trip is part of my life goal to cross all 50 states on foot using trails and this will be my 30th and 31st states completed. Perhaps I'll see you and Charlie out on the trail!

    Brian Stark

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian! Your project is awesome and inspiring! If you need any information on trail maps or conditions, I'd be happy to help. I hope you enjoy Wisconsin!