Saturday, August 24, 2013

River Bed Exposed: Dells of Eau Claire River

Even though we had a somewhat wet start to the summer, the last two months have been unusually cool and dry. There was a warm snap last week and will be another one next week, but still no significant rain. The only upside to this lack of rain is that water levels in the rivers are low enough to expose new scenery. This is a really good time to explore area creeks, streams and rivers to see parts of the shore that are normally submerged and an opportunity to discover new treasures!

We ventured to Dells of the Eau Claire County Park yesterday to explore the shoreline and hike one of our favorite (and nearby) segments of the Ice Age Trail. Here's a little photo tour for you!

Charlie found LOTS of sticks along the shore.

Charlie found a snapping turtle - luckily no one got injured!

My favorite "walking tree"

I love the striations on these river rocks.

Someone left a mini-Stonehenge on this rock slab.

"Mom, can we PLEASE swim some more???"