Friday, September 20, 2013

Dog Pee

Do you guys remember the scene in the book, Marley & Me, where Marley releases his explosive diarrhea at the dog beach? In the water?

WHY do dogs do this???

I used to have a yellow lab named Ben that would poop in the water... almost like he thought he was hiding it and no one would notice he'd just pooped. I assume this because he always "did his business" off in the bushes where he thought no one would see.

My other dog, a German Shephard named Layla, was potty trained by her previous owners to poop right outside there back door and come right back in the house. For the rest of her life, she would poop right at your feet and turn around with this proud look on her face like, "See Mom, I pooped good, right?!"

So, Charlie doesn't poop in water, but she does pee in water. Again, I'm not sure if she thinks she's being super-stealthy and no one will notice she's peeing, but it's so obvious. And completely embarrassing.

Does your dog pee or poop in the water?