Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cabin Fever

Frosty windows ~ beautiful artwork but claustrophobic.

It's WAY too early for cabin fever to be setting in... but hard to deny it's happening already. Temps have been in the negative digits the past week which means it's unsafe to go hiking, or to even be outside for any length of time.

Last night Charlie and I walked to the video store to return a DVD that was due (we've been watching a lot of t.v. and movies to pass the time) and even though it was only 8 blocks roundtrip, Charlie was hopping on three legs by the time we got home; her feet had gotten too cold.

My rule is that we don't hike unless it's going to be over 10 degrees. Today was supposed to get up to 13 degrees, but it never happened. It's so cold outside that all the window panes in my apartment have frozen over and we can no longer even look out the windows. Charlie keeps jumping up into her window seat to watch the neighborhood and is starting to show frustration at not being able to see out.

We play in the backyard for short bursts of activity and are working through the trick-training book indoors, but we're both itching to get back out on a trail. I'm afraid December is going to pass by all too quickly without being able to enjoy the outdoors before the deepest part of winter - January - sets in.

Fingers are crossed for a break in the cold... hopefully soon.