Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nature's Glitter

A large portion of the country is experiencing a snowstorm today - including the Midwest where we live. I woke up and shoveled a couple of inches of wet snow off our sidewalks and driveway this morning and repeated the process again just twelve hours later. I've seen worse, but it's too early for this!

I clipped Charlie into her hiking vest and a long tether attached to a tree in our yard so she could watch me shovel while I tossed her tennis ball into the snow... her favorite hide-and-seek game. She bounced and played in the snow just like a small child, burying her nose in the white fluff and sticking her cute butt up in the air in play-stance. She knows just how to make me laugh!

Temperatures are forecast to drop into the negative digits later this week so it looks as though the almanac was correct: a colder and snowier winter than normal. Oh well. At least everything is covered with a beautiful white blanket of nature's glitter.