Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Fetch!

Another gorgeous day enticed us out onto the Eau Claire River Trail today. The warmer weather is causing the fluffy snow to melt and compact, getting heavy and dense. Where Charlie would normally leap through snow drifts, she is now finding herself stuck.

It took her a minute to realize she wasn't going to be able to run top-speed through the woods, but rather than getting grumpy about it, she made a game!

After she found the perfect stick and bribed me with her cute brown eyes to throw it, she would dive into the wet snow, find the stick, and promptly re-bury it to dig up all over again; basically a two-for-one throw!

Here are some VIDEOS of Charlie playing Snow Fetch!



While the past two days have been fun and games, we're expecting a huge winter storm to dump another 8-12" of snow on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to shoveling or driving to work in the mess, but at least I have these funny videos to help me make it through another one of Mother Nature's jokes.

Keep smiling.


  1. I love reading about your hikes and seeing Charlie's videos. I am jealous that she does so well off leash! Could you tell me what kind of harness she wears? Maybe that would make my walks with McGwinn more enjoyable for the both of us. Does Charlie pull? McGwinn does!

    1. That seems to be the #1 issue for dog owners! It took a long time before I truly trusted Charlie off-leash... but because she's so "toy-motivated" as long as I have a ball or a stick, she stays focused on me!

      I use the Ruffwear Web Master harness for hiking because it's really well-made and works in conjunction with the waist-worn Ruffwear Roamer leash, allowing my hands to be free to hold a camera, etc. There's a link at the top right of this blog for their website.

      On our neighborhood walks, I use a Sense-ation harness which is a "front lead harness" - the leash clips on near her chest, which helps control pulling. This harness REALLY helped me get Charlie's pulling under control on regular leash walks, but it's very important to measure properly in order to get the correct fit. Here's the link for that one:

      With the right gear and a lot of patience, you'll get there! Good luck.