Saturday, March 8, 2014

Take A Walk, Not A Pill

I've had a few days off work this past week which has allowed Charlie and me to catch up on some much needed hiking. We've visited favorite Ice Age Trail segments, county parks trails and some urban trails and I'm happy to report that Charlie is pleasantly sleeping next to my chair rather than trying to engage me in some type of play while I'm typing.

A tired pup = a happy pup.

And I'm happy too.

All the sunshine and fresh air has rejuvenated my spirit and charged my imagination with new ideas again. Without even realizing it, the weather-imposed hibernation we've been in has taken a toll on me. I hadn't noticed the decrease in energy, the cycle of negative thoughts and worse-case scenario's running through my head lately.

A "marshmallow" river.

But after just a couple days hiking at least an hour a day, I feel 100% better! I feel like "me" again.

Now, I realize that the upcoming change of seasons could definitely have something to do with my newly optimistic attitude, but I know from the past year of hiking that I never feel more alive and healthy than when I'm walking.

If you've been feeling "down" or haven't emerged from winter hibernation yet, I highly recommend getting outside for at least 15 minutes a day to breathe some fresh air, move your legs and let the sun brighten your mood. I think you'll be surprised at the health benefits you'll receive from this tiny investment!