Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IAT: Chippewa River Segment

On our last day exploring the Chippewa River area, we hiked the short 1.8 mile Chippewa River Segment. This narrow stretch of land along Cty Hwy CC parallels the Chippewa River, reminding me a lot of the Grandfather Falls Segment in Lincoln County.

Charlie admiring the view and wishing for another swim in the river.

This segment offers great views of the Chippewa River from the edge of rolling bluffs within the forested strip. Terrain is steep and the trail is narrow, giving the trail a cozy and rustic feel.

Ravines for water drainage are easily crossed with the boulder-walk, but are dry at this time of year. Soft mud revealed a highway of deer prints, but no other signs of hikers were present; obviously this trail is used by wildlife much more often than humans (or dogs)!

The last bit of the trail follows the road amidst the wildflowers before coming out onto the road for a short road walk to the parking area. As my legs brushed the tall grasses, memories of childhood walks came rushing back, ignited by the scent of summer surrounding me. I longed to pick the wildflowers and listen to cicadas; whiling away the day with not a care in the world.

Ahhh... summer.