Saturday, October 4, 2014

Raining Acorns

We had the pleasure of one more nice-weather weekend for camping recently and took full advantage of it. These are the kinds of days that help us Wisconsinites make it through our harsh winters. I'll be reminiscing the beauty of this weekend for many months to come.

Warm winds stirred the leaves and we were treated to a "sprinkling" of acorns throughout the campsite. Dodging falling acorns became a game around camp and many of "those looks" were passed between mother and daughter as we realized how close we were to getting nailed in the head with them!

Sleeping in the tent at night was a whole new auditory experience as leaves and acorns slid and bounced down the sloped nylon walls, punctuated by the occasional *PING* of acorns hitting metal (probably the car) and *THUDS* as they hit the ground around the tent. Charlie was understandably freaked out by all the noise, but taking the rain cover off the tent and exposing the mesh ceiling helped mute the acorn thuds and allowed a view of a million sparkling stars now visible through the dwindling canopy above.

Charlie's acorn hat.

This was my first time camping in the fall. It will not be my last. There is no better time of year to experience the beautiful outdoors and enjoy the farewell party that nature throws for us before winter comes.

Such a sight to behold.