Sunday, October 4, 2015

Being Seen @ Plover River

Can you find Charlie in this photo?

Charlie and I hiked a lot this past weekend. I had some time off work and the weather was crisp, cool and perfect for being active outdoors. We mostly stayed close to our home turf and revisited several of our favorite trails and parks.

The Plover River Segment of the Ice Age Trail is a must-see this time of year. The bugs and ticks are gone and the foliage has thinned out just enough for some spectacular views of glacial landscape and the beautiful crystal clear water of the Plover River.

The only caveat to this little piece of heaven is that it is also home to public hunting and fishing grounds, which means we need to be seen in the woods so we're not mistaken for something to shoot at. Although it's only bow season right now and hunters rarely mistaken people or dogs for deer, it's still best to be safe.

So Charlie and I wear blaze orange. It's not much of a fashion statement, but up here in the Northwoods, it's kind of a wardrobe staple this time of year.