Thursday, March 24, 2016

Snow Dog

Meteorologists warned about a severe winter storm hitting our area for days now. Since I have a long commute to work, I told my boss on Tuesday that I wasn't going to plan on coming in today due to the weather. So knowing that I had the day off, we slept in a little this morning and had leisure time to sip coffee on our window seat overlooking the snowy city streets below. FYI... on the picture above, that "gray area" at the bottom of the windowsill is snow. Yep, we got about a foot of snow overnight.

When I let Charlie outside to go potty this morning, she turned to look at me and her face lit up! She couldn't believe that the backyard was covered in snow!

This is the most snow we've gotten all at one time this entire season, so this was really special for Charlie. The winter has been pretty boring to her in regards to playing in snow. And with the early spring, I kinda figured we were done with snow. I guess Mother Nature had other plans, and honestly I'm happy about it. Not only do I get a "free" day to play with Charlie but Charlie finally gets to have her fun in the snow.

And Charlie is definitely a snow dog. She was born in late fall and her very first memories are of December and January - cold and snow. She absolutely LOVES snow.

She immediately dug up her frisbee and ball out of the deep snow and demanded to play a game of fetch. I couldn't help but smile and laugh at her antics.

In reality, she spends most of the time playing by herself. "Losing" the ball in the snow and then digging it up over and over. I typically just stand there watching her and am available to throw the ball if she so chooses to bring it to me. But she seems quite content to just play by herself.


However, the minute I get bored and decide to go back inside, she loses all interest in playing and wants to come in with me. It's almost like she needs me out there to keep her company, even if I'm not actively participating in her games.