Monday, May 9, 2016

A Day Off To Reconnect With Nature

It's no secret that Americans work too much. I've read several articles stating that we don't get as much vacation as other countries and when we actually do use our vacation, we work through at least some of it. Technology is making it increasingly hard to disconnect from obligations and reconnect with nature.

And I guess I kind of get it. When you have a really great job you want to give 100% as often as possible, especially since really great jobs are hard to find.

I'm lucky enough to have one of those really great jobs right now and it truly is hard to take a day off without thinking about everything that needs to be done.

But these past few weeks I've been feeling a little burned out and I have a couple of busy months ahead of me, so I took a vacation day today... a mental holiday if you will. Just a little extension to the weekend so Charlie and I could have one more day out on the trails enjoying nature.

And it was a lovely day for it! As soon as we drove into Big Eau Pleine County Park, I turned off the radio and rolled down the windows so we could breathe in the cool, sweet air and listen to the birds chirping all around.

Trees are finally budding out and the soft glow of green welcomed us. A strong breeze was blowing today and the trees were alive with the sound of wind. Bird-chirps echoed through the woods and waves crashed along the shore.

Wildflowers were blooming along the forest floor and fern fronds were unfurling. A white pelican floated on the waves just off-shore and a bald eagle flew within 20 feet of us. The park was alive with magic today.

VIDEO (turn up the volume to hear the bird-song):

My mind drifted and daydreamed... not about work and deadlines, but about love and life and enjoying the simple pleasures and beauty surrounding us. Not thinking about what lies ahead tomorrow, but simply being in the moment.

Smiling and laughing as Charlie bounced along the trail searching for the perfect stick and watching her little butt swaying with the waves while she played in the water. Taking a moment to just breathe and be grateful for this wonderful life.

Throwing her stick for another game of fetch!