Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hiking Friends

Charlie's fear-aggression toward other dogs often leaves her without dog-friends to play with. Fortunately I had the luck of meeting a great neighbor last year who was interested in helping me socialize Charlie with her dog, Ellie. Not only did our dogs become friends, but so did Sara and I. And even though my friend Sara has since moved to another neighborhood, we still find time to walk our dogs together.

Tiny pink wildflowers are emerging from the leaves.

Last weekend Charlie and I were introduced to some new trails on Rib Mt. and this weekend, we revisited those trails and explored further with Sara and Ellie. Ellie is a coon-hound mix about the same age as Charlie and one of the few dogs that I trust Charlie with.

And while Ellie has helped Charlie with her socialization skills, Charlie has in turn helped Ellie learn to love playing in water! They've become great friends, as have Sara and I. It's really great having friends (both dog and human) to hike with.