Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wood Lake Segment ~ Revisited

It's been a few years since Charlie and I have been on the Wood Lake Segment of the Ice Age Trail. Back in November 2013, we did a bit of the trail around the lake but didn't do the full segment.

So last weekend, after finishing up the last of my field editing for the Rib Lake Segment, I decided to check out Wood Lake again... this time in summer.

What a difference a season makes. The trail looks so different draped in green. Last time we were here everything was bare and brown; now the woods were full of life. Branches dripped with drops of rain and the undulating topography welcomed magical little streams and ponds at the bottom of each valley.

Varieties of mushrooms cover the forest floor but look like something that belong on the ocean floor. Everything was alive and green!

The new boardwalk/bridge is lovely and well-built. You can smell the freshly cut lumber well before you can see it. The volunteers who keep up with the trail building and maintenance are truly gifted!

We had a beautifully refreshing hike on a very scenic part of the Ice Age Trail with no one else in sight! How lucky are we to have access to these untouched parts of Wisconsin... for free! Truly amazing.