Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mondeaux Esker Segment, Part 2

Charlie and I hiked the Western side of the Mondeaux Esker Segment almost a year ago. I had meant to come back to hike the other side and do some camping earlier this summer, but life sometimes gets away from you. And here I find myself at the beginning of September and I still haven't done any camping this year!

I typically shy away from camping during Labor Day Weekend since the campgrounds are predictably packed with families trying to get in one last camping trip before school starts and fall sets in.

Rather than taking a chance not finding a campsite, I decided to just do a day trip of hiking at Mondeaux Esker. Amazingly, though, there were still several campsites available as we drove through the campgrounds! Good thing to note for next year, so if we decide to actually camp on this busy weekend, we will most likely be rewarded with an available spot. Even better - this is National Forest land which means fireworks are strictly forbidden, which is a huge relief when you have a noise-reactive dog like Charlie.

The East side of the segment was very different than the side we did last year. Much more challenging with several downed trees and swampy areas to navigate through.

Honestly, though, I don't enjoy an Ice Age Trail hike as much as when I have to crawl through obstacles or get a little dirty. That's the whole point of being out here - feeling like you're in a different environment! I absolutely loved coming upon a downed tree blocking the trail and figuring out the best way to get around it... which included going around, going under, going over and going through! (Going through is the most fun!)

Went "around."

Went "under."

Went "over."

Went "through." This was so cool walking along the trunk and using
the branches as handles as I made my way through this!