Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fun in the Mist

The recent warm weather has melted much of the 9+ inches of snow that fell in the previous week. Snow banks are finally low enough to see over and the icy sidewalks are getting clearer. The melting snow and warmer temps are causing a lot of fog and drizzly conditions though, making for a dreary weekend. I could use a good dose of sunshine about now.

Even though the weather was gray and wet, we made the most of it and played at Bluegill Bay Park in Rib Mountain yesterday.

Charlie had a blast playing fetch with her tennis ball and making her own game of burying it and digging it up over and over again.

There's something really peaceful and calming about standing in the mist and having an almost-warm breeze blowing on your cheeks, while listening to droplets falling from pine boughs and everything else silent.