Sunday, January 15, 2017

Zen Forest

Charlie and I headed out for another day of snowshoeing. I think I'm addicted! It's so nice to be able to get out in the woods when the trails are deep with snow.

In the past, I'd attempt hiking these snowy trails only to find myself yelling and swearing because it was so much work. Oh how I wish I would have tried snow shoes long ago!

We headed out to Dells of the Eau Claire County Park this afternoon and most people were already leaving, presumably to head to a Packers party to watch the big game.

We took the opportunity to enjoy the quiet peaceful woods all to ourselves.

I kept Charlie on leash for the first part of the trail, which proved to be a bit challenging with the snow shoes, although we quickly fell into a rhythm and she realized no amount of pulling was going to get me to go faster.

Once we were on the less-traveled trail, I let her off-leash. She explored the deep snow for sticks to chew on and sniffed at the deer trails crossing our path. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to stop and listen to the snow falling from tree branches and distant roars of snowmobiles. Everything else was blissfully silent.

The late afternoon sun glimmered through the trees and loose bits of snow floated through the air, sparkling in the sun like glitter.

I spent a good amount of time stopping for short breaks to breathe in deeply, look up at the sky and letting the sun shine on my face, making me smile.

Although my heart is hurting, a walk through the woods to reconnect with nature has soothed my worries and I can feel the beginning of its healing powers at work on my soul.