Saturday, April 29, 2017

Deer Chase

Considering it's the end of April, the weather has been unseasonably cool this past week. We even had snow earlier in the week! At least the snow was gone this morning, but it was a very breezy and cool 38 degrees when we arrived at our hiking destination.

Do you see my little photo-bomber?

In some ways the cooler weather is preferred because there are less people out on the trails which allows me to have Charlie off-leash more often.

I really wanted to spoil her today since we hadn't walked much this past week. Everything worked out perfectly! We had the trail to ourselves, Charlie was able to enjoy most of the hike off-leash and she got to do her favorite thing... chase deer!

The woods were full of wildlife today... deer, squirrels and birds were everywhere. We saw and heard several cranes, eagles and hawks. And Charlie took off on at least three deer chases.

She knows this trail well and is aware of where the deer typically are. She's watchful and ready. And it's adorable when she takes off after them, yipping an excited bark! I know she'll never catch up to them, so I don't worry. I just smile and shake my head and wait a few minutes for her to return. Which she always does. And always with a huge smile. It's as if she knows she'll never catch them but she just can't help herself.

Spring has finally sprung and the trees were laced with a tinge of green; tiny buds just waiting to burst open.

Tiny wildflowers are blooming and new grasses are getting taller. Soon the ferns will appear and begin to unfurl.

For now, I'm grateful for the tiniest bit of color to brighten up the grays and browns of recent months. I feel hopeful and energized again.

And the icing on the cake... Charlie rolled in poop today so she earned herself a bath when we got home! Now I have a fluffy clean dog to snuggle with all night. Love my girl.

VIDEO (Charlie takes off chasing a deer; you can hear her excited yips and see a flash of white tail from the deer as they disappear into the woods):

VIDEO (Charlie returns from a deer chase needing a drink of water and to catch her breath):