Monday, April 10, 2017

Hiking Gear... A Question To Readers

I've often said that you don't need anything special to get outside and go hiking. A nice pair of hiking boots or shoes is helpful, but otherwise you really don't have to spend much on gear.

And I still think that's mostly true as long as you're just doing short day-hikes.

But sometimes, some good gear can really make your life a whole lot better.

When I hike with other dog owners, they all tend to comment on how they should get a waist-leash like I use with Charlie.

Honestly, I don't know what I would do without my Ruffwear Roamer Leash. It's a must-have for hiking in my opinion. I love having my hands free to take photos or get things out of my pack without worrying about letting go of Charlie's leash.

And it's also nice to have the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness to go with it so the leash stays on top of the dog and doesn't get tangled in her legs.

Also, when I'm kayaking with Charlie, I absolutely have to have the Ruffwear Float Coat because it has the super-duper heavy-duty handle on top that helps me lift her into the kayak after she jumps out (repeatedly) to chase sticks (or leaves or bubbles) that float by.

VIDEO (Charlie and the Kayak):

And now that I'm thinking about doing longer mileage hikes, I'm wondering if I need a better backpack. I currently use a cheapie little backpack without padding or frills of any kind, and after a long day of hiking, the straps are digging into my armpits and there just aren't enough special storage areas for all the stuff I need to bring along.

My tiny pink backpack.

So I'm wondering... what do you use for backpacks? What do you like about your backpack? Any suggestions on a good backpack for day trips up to 15 miles long? What do you bring in your pack for that length of a hike?