Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The View

Photo from the day I bought my house, October 2016.

I've been focusing a lot lately on getting house projects done and haven't made much time to get out and explore in nature. But with Charlie's increasing anxiety lately, it's actually been good timing to take a break for a bit.

I purchased my house back in October last year after having rented it for 6 years. During those years of renting, you can imagine my "wish list" for fixing and repairing certain items had gotten pretty long. It's an old house and needs some work. Now that it's mine, I can do whatever I want.

My first priority was to get the windows replaced. That was my one and only goal this summer - new windows. But the City of Wausau had other plans and issued me a code violation this spring for the siding on the garage. I knew it needed to be replaced, but I had only owned the house for 6 months when I got the notice!

So instead of dragging out the repairs over the next few years as funds were available, I refinanced the mortgage and scheduled everything to be done at the same time by the same company. I figured it was worth the expense to just have my house "done."

They started last week on the garage and yesterday the upstairs windows were installed, where my main living space is. Today will be the downstairs windows.

Even though I knew how bad the old windows were... ripped screens, rotting frames, cracks in the glass repaired with white caulk and so dirty on the outside that you couldn't see through them anymore... I'm still in awe of the new windows.

The view is crystal clear. They open so easily; I no longer need to use sticks to prop them open. Windows that were painted shut and unable to open are now operable. At the expense of my privacy, I refused to put the blinds down because I can't believe how well I can see everything.

~Last night I opened all the windows for the first time. ~

The neighborhood sounded so different hearing it from all four sides of the house. The songs of early-rising birds drifted through the rooms in stereo this morning. The breeze flowed freely throughout the house and wrapped itself around me as it went by.
It was lovely.

I didn't realize what a luxury new windows would be, but I honestly just walk from room to room and admire the view. I think Charlie is enjoying it too... now she has better access to see what's happening in the neighborhood from every room. And even though the sounds of traffic and kids playing is louder as well, these are the sounds that make up our life and define our place in the world, and somehow I feel a little more connected to all of that now.

The little things make the biggest difference sometimes.