Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sticky Sticker

I had asked for a State Park sticker for Christmas... and (surprise!) I got one. Since the temperature warmed up to a balmy 29 degrees today, I decided I'd attempt to remove last year's sticker from my windshield and apply the new one. ("Attempt" was the key word, in case you missed that.) These stickers are manufactured with the stickiest glue! I was prepared for it this year, though. Rather than trying to peel it off with just my fingernails (as I've done in the past), I was armed with a razor blade, a giant bottle of Goo-Gone, glass cleaner and paper towels. Even with all the proper equipment, I still ended up scraping most of the goo off with my fingernails. Finally, after using enough Goo-Gone, the old sticker was off (and in about a million tiny pieces) and the new sticker was on!
I'm so excited to get out and start exploring! Stay tuned for trail updates, photos and musings as the 2013 hiking year begins...