Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bath Night!

Tonight is bath night! Charlie's been smelling a little "doggier" than usual so I figured it was time. For a dog who absolutely LOVES water, it's funny how much she HATES bath night. Right away she could tell something was up... extra towels on the bathroom counter, bag of treats in the bathroom, shower curtain open... and she was doing everything to avoid coming near the bathroom door. I had to throw treats in the living room to confine her to a smaller space so she wouldn't run downstairs, then scooped her up in my arms to carry her to the bathroom.

Interesting side note:  why is it that a dog seems to gain 10 pounds when they're all tensed up?

Anyway, as soon as I got her in the bathroom and closed the door, she kind of "gave up." She actually hopped into the bathtub all by herself! I guess she knew it was inevitable and there was no use fighting it.

Charlie's favorite part about bath night (if there is anything good about it) is the towel. She LOVES being toweled off and then racing around the house with a towel in her mouth doing crazy-circles. Charlie is really good at doing crazy-circles. It's like she's possessed! I'll have to try and catch some video of her doing this sometime ~ it's impossible to explain in words.

My favorite part about bath night is seeing my "naked dog" ~ that is, without her collar. She looks so extra cute when she's naked! Also, she smells like lavender for a couple of weeks. I found some great puppy shampoo when I first got Charlie, and about a year later when I went to buy more, I found out it was discontinued. I got online and found a distributor with 3 bottles left and ordered them all. I think we're pretty well stocked-up on this lovely lavender shampoo for a few years now.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.