Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Morning Commute

There's a man who walks by my house every day on his way to work. He's dressed in nice dress pants, carrying his satchel, with his long dreadlocks cascading down his back. I was so inspired by his dedication to walking to work every day, that I decided to walk to work today. I'm grateful to work within a mile of my home and I have walked or biked to work before, but not every day. I tend to drive to work so I can go home on my lunch hour to play with my dog and make a home-cooked meal. But the trade-off of bringing a bagged lunch in order to get this 20 minute walk in twice a day seems worthwhile.

It was 11 degrees this morning with the promise of getting up to 25 degrees. This seemed reasonable enough weather to walk in... it's only a mile! And it was such a beautiful walk. We had gotten a 1/2" of snow last night; just enough to give me good traction on the sidewalks and to be able to see all the footprints that were there before me. There were a set of big boot prints with very big dog prints next to them... must have been a Great Dane! Later on there were lone tiny paw prints that could only belong to a cat. The cute little 4-print clusters of squirrels going from tree to tree. Smaller boot prints with small chihuahua-sized prints.

And then the sun crested the rooftops of the buildings and glowed on the church steeples, sparkling all the new snow. It was magical. Every day is different, even if your path is the same. The light tomorrow will be different than today. The frosted branches and snow tufts are temporary art just for this moment. There is only one today; enjoy the singular beauty of each day.

I was practically kicking myself the whole way for not bringing along my camera! There were so many things I wanted to capture and share with you. I will be bringing my camera on the Monday commute.