Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Night Blahs

I really didn't feel like going for a walk tonight. I had a long day at work and am just plain tired. Charlie seemed like she was going to let me off the hook and just chill with me, but I guilt-tripped myself into going anyway. You see, it's a balmy 35 degrees today but going to get much colder for the next couple of days, so this might be our only chance to enjoy some *nice* weather. Plus it was starting to snow those big fluffy slow snowflakes that I love so much.

I was reading #2 on one of my favorite blogs today, 1000 Awesome Things. His quote, "You will never be as young as you are right now." is so true and got me thinking that even though I'm tired and don't feel like going for a walk, I have to take advantage of the time I have. Today, Charlie and I are as young as we're ever going to be and I want her to enjoy every minute of it. Some day she's going to be old and incapable of running or maybe even walking.

So we went. And we had a GREAT time! I brought along her spiky, fluorescent green bouncy ball and a bag of treats. We had an awesome* walk down to the River Edge Parkway and I threw the ball all along the path while we walked. Charlie got to "go find it" when the ball landed in the deep snow ~ one of her favorite games and I got to quietly contemplate all the things I'm grateful for while watching the snow fall in the light from the street lamps. There was a quiet moment where all I could hear was the tinkling of the snow as it landed on my coat.

Ahhhh. <insert smile here>

*We had a bit of a leash-walking breakthrough tonight. I've been reading up on different harnesses that are supposed to help with leash-pullers and one of them that I'm particularly interested in has the leash clip ring on the front (chest part) of the harness ~ supposedly reducing the pull-effect of top ring harnesses. Anyway, in adapting this theory of the front ring, I looped the leash around my hands and kept them behind my back, stepping in front of Charlie every time she tried to walk in front of me. Eventually she gave up and trotted along happily behind me, looking up occasionally (making eye contact with me!) to make sure she was doing it right. I was so impressed and my shoulders were grateful for not having to deal with the leash-pulling! I can't tell you how proud I am of both of us... me for figuring out how to *lead* my dog instead of letting her be the leader, and of Charlie for cooperating. Good girl, Charlie.