Saturday, February 9, 2013

Puppy Song

My dog is my friend. And I want her to go everywhere with me. Trouble is, dogs aren't allowed everywhere. Like the Puppy Song, which you can listen to here; it sums up exactly how I feel ~ I wish I could take her everywhere, but a wish is just a dream you wish would come true.

I really wanted to hike up to a nearby State Park this morning, but I don't feel like dealing with the probability that someone will be pissed off that my dog is off-leash in a state park. It's really hard to write and take photos while holding onto the leash of a dog who just wants to RUN and live her life to the max!

So we're going to head out to one of my favorite spots to let her off-leash... more to come on that park later. County parks are a little more flexible and forgiving with the leash laws, although I always feel like I'm breaking the law when I unclip that leash from her collar. Charlie's nudging my elbow while I write this because she knows it's Saturday; it's time for us to go for a really long hike!