Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Snowy Sunday

We did a quick early-morning hike at Sylvan Hill Park this morning... nothing unusual or special, just a hike. The sky is cloudy and gray today, wind is bothersome, and there is still snow everywhere. Charlie met up with some of her fur-friends from a dog-walking group and had a ton of fun romping in the snow with them.

I, on the other hand, was out of breath and tired from slogging through the snow and couldn't wait to get home to a fresh pot of coffee and a book. A little while later, Charlie started barking in the kitchen... there were doves on the electrical lines outside the kitchen window!

View from the kitchen.

They cautiously watched me snapping pictures of them, bobbing their heads back and forth listening to Charlie's barks... and then flew off to a nearby tree. Charlie is now standing vigil at the window waiting for more birds, or perhaps a squirrel, to run by so she can bark again. Typical border-collie trait ~ she needs a job to do; I guess it's going to be keeping squirrels and birds out of the yard.