Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Steps

My frustration level with the end of this winter is reaching its peak. I keep telling myself there are only a few more weeks to go and then it will be Spring. But it's not like when March 21st comes, the snow will just disappear. In fact, we'll probably get a blizzard on that date with the way things have been going this winter. My sarcasm is taking over my optimism.

The walk to work this morning was extremely tedious. The days are warm enough now to melt snowbanks, but the nights are still cold ~ so all the snow-melt freezes into tiny ice skating rinks on the sidewalks by morning. I get to walk at a normal pace for about 10 feet and then have to place each foot very carefully on these ice patches so as not to fall on my ass. I would normally just walk through the snowbanks along the sidewalks, but they are now well past my knees and I'd be soaked by the time I got to work.

It was only 10 degrees this morning and I had considered driving instead of walking, but it's supposed to get up to 29 degrees by this afternoon which is perfect walking weather. I guess I'll be taking baby steps until the sidewalks are all clear. I'll never take dry sidewalks for granted again!