Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trail Update: Sunnyvale Park

The snow has taken on a dense, mushy texture... making it a bunch more difficult for hiking. I kept losing my footing and needed to really dig in with my boots to keep momentum. This slushy, muddy part of spring is not my favorite. I have a feeling our hikes are about to get really dirty for awhile!

The propane tank from the Polar Plunge hasn't been removed yet and the upper parking lot is still gated off, but there's plenty of parking in the first lot and the trail, while mushy, is still packed down enough and ready to be hiked. There were a few other dog-walkers on the trail, but we all maintained our spacing and were able to keep the dogs off-leash.

As it gets nicer out, more people will be out with their dogs which makes it harder to have a dog off-leash... but it's still nice to have these places where dogs are allowed. I have to admit, though, that I was pretty disappointed to see so much dog poop on the trail. I suppose a winter's worth of poop that wasn't picked up is going to be exposed soon. It's unfortunate because those are the kinds of things that ruin it for responsible dog owners.

I get it. It's gross carrying around a bag of poop until you get back to the garbage cans... but it's part of being a responsible dog owner.

Let's be responsible, people.