Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hike, Interrupted

I got my first bug-splat of the season on the Jeep windshield while on our way to Big Eau Pleine Park for our morning hike...  guess that means it's finally spring! I decided to bring along my mom's overweight chihuahua, Peanut... which ultimately turned out to be a bad idea.

Still working on learning camera settings!
Peanut was already tired out by the time we got there because she excitedly whined and paced during the entire 25-minute drive. Whatever energy she had left, she used up in the first 5 minutes of racing around the parking lot, and she basically dragged ass the rest of the hike. The trails were in great shape and I was really looking forward to a good, long hike. Migrating birds were in full song along the marshes, there was a warm breeze blowing, and the sun was shining through partly cloudy skies.

Charlie, as always, made the best of her time and gleefully raced through the woods, bounced along the path, chased geese, went swimming and played a game of fetch all by herself. I'm so grateful that all our hikes keep her in shape so she can enjoy the most of the outdoors!

I alternated carrying Peanut and letting her walk on her own and we took a couple breaks to get a drink of water, yet I knew we were not going to be able to go too far. About a half-mile into our hike, I turned around to see she had decided to head back to the parking lot! There she was wandering down the path all by herself. I guess she'd had enough; I should have known better.

Peanut heading back.

Late afternoon, Charlie and I decided to go explore Dells of the Eau Claire Park - this time, just the two of us. However, the trails were still covered in ice and snow despite the warm temps over the past few days. Wearing just tennis shoes and capri pants, I was up to my ankles in snow. Needless to say, we didn't get far - again.

Alas, with the warm weather returns tick season. I found one crawling on the couch where I had just napped an hour earlier. I took Charlie into the backyard, brushed her and then applied her tick medicine. Tomorrow's another day and hopefully we'll have better luck on the trails. In the meantime, I'm feeling "ghost itches" everywhere from tick paranoia! Ugh, I hate those buggers.