Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Dudley

Follow the weekly pen-pal letters between Charlie and Dudley as they discuss life as dogs. Dudley lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Sarah Kilgallon, who leads dogs on wilderness trail hikes through pristine conservation land. You can view her blog at:

Dudley's letter:

Dear Dudley,
I love getting your letters. It sounds like you have very fun adventures and get to make lots of new friends! I don't think I would like to have sleep-overs like you because I don't want to share my toys. It's bad enough having to share with Peanut.

I had a sleep-over at my buddy BB's house this week. Mom and me went to visit Grandpa and we took a loooong drive! We picked up my friend, MacKenzie, on the way and then I got to play with BB when we got to his house. BB is a black lab/beagle mix and he is a little slow, if you get what I mean. But it's fun to play with him because I can get him to chase me if I have a toy in my mouth! Plus, if he gets my toy, I just scare him with a little growl and then he drops it! He has to always be on a leash or in his kennel because sometimes he sniffs a scent and just starts running! I like to run around his kennel and make him bark. I think he is jealous that I get to run around all by myself.

We did a lot of driving the past couple of days, but it's okay because I love car rides. If I get tired, I just take a nap anyway. I was glad to get home and be in my own bed and have all my toys again. I was really sleepy from the fun sleep-over and long drive so I slept in really late today! Mom was sleepy too and I got to snuggle with her all morning. It's nice to have my mom all to myself again.

I really missed my mom earlier this week. She said she had to go to Wilderness First Aid training for 2 whole days and she couldn't take me with! I don't understand why I couldn't go with because I love WILDERNESS! I would have been a big help to Mom with training too. Sometimes when we go hiking, I get so excited that I don't pay attention to owies. It's a good thing Mom stops and checks me over because sometimes she has to put doggie-bandaids on me. I love my doggie-bandaid because it's PINK! That is why I would be a big help... I could be her patient and she could practice on me. I was glad when she got home. I think Grandma was starting to get upset with me because I was crying a lot and then I would bark at her! But I was just worried about Mom.

Mom says she is planning some really fun hiking trips this summer and I get to come along for ALL of them! I am so excited to go camping and swimming and hiking! Do you have any fun summer trips to do? Here is a picture of me with my pink doggie-bandaid... aren't I cute?