Friday, June 28, 2013

Sociable Charlie

Charlie and I headed down to the 400 Block in Wausau last night to enjoy some live music. (Note: the 400 Block is our city's name for the grassy square with entertainment stage and tables located downtown - a real gem for our small city). Throughout the summer months, Wednesday night Concerts on the Square are hosted by Wausau Area Events. The turnout for these concerts is HUGE. And also, dogs are not allowed on the square during those events.

But sometimes live music is provided during the 400 Block's Market Place Thursdays during the noon hour and continue again at 6pm. Those are the nights we choose to go listen to the music since the crowds are considerably smaller, and dogs are allowed.

I hooked Charlie up to her Ruffwear Roamer leash and found an open table where we had a good spot to people-watch and listen to the band. I set up Charlie's portable canvas water dish and played some food games with the baggie of dog-kibble I brought to keep her occupied, running through her repertoire of tricks and voice commands and then just letting her chase the kibble as it bounced across the sidewalk.

We had gotten rain earlier in the day but this night there were only distant clouds rolling around in pretty shapes and shades of grays and whites. Even though the temperature readout on the Grand Theater's rolling graphic display said it was 83 degrees, the northerly wind on the shady side of the block felt much cooler; simply divine after the heat and humidity we'd dealt with throughout the past week. It was a beautiful evening.

And Charlie behaved like the sweet little lady she is. She greeted every person that passed by with tail-wags and kisses, if they let her. She played with children in the grass, although I think her true motive was to try and steal their ice cream, and she brought smiles to everyone she met. She wasn't afraid of the people in wheelchairs that approached her for some love, instead she climbed right up into their laps so as to reach them better for kisses. You have no idea how proud I was of her. Absolutely glowing.