Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chuckit! Fetch

With wind chill warnings again this weekend, I decided to finally purchase the Chuckit! Fetch Ball I've had my eye on for awhile so Charlie and I would have a new game to play in the backyard.

I'd been hesitant to buy this toy because the grooved part of the ball looked like it was made of "nerf-type" material and I was afraid it would get shredded quickly. But I've been happy with other Chuckit! brand toys, so figured it was worth a shot!

I chose the "small" size ball since Charlie is a petite 40 lbs. and this would allow her to pick it up and carry it in her mouth easily.

The ball itself is easy to throw, drop-kick and soccer-kick around the yard. The grooved pattern lets Charlie easily pick it up and carry it, plus it is very well-made and doesn't appear that it will shred or disintegrate any time soon.

I love that it is cold-weather friendly too! The bright fluorescent color combined with its size makes sure it will never be lost in the snow.

Charlie has become a bit obsessed with the ball over the weekend and has been trying to coax me into the backyard a lot! I don't even have to throw or kick the ball too much, as she seems to be able to have fun all by herself.

The ball has taken quite a beating over the past two days - Charlie likes to "dig" at it in the snow and I even caught her trying to chew on it a few times - but it's still in great shape.

I understand that this ball also floats, which makes it a great all-season toy! I can't wait to try it out on a field of new grass and at the beach too!