Friday, April 18, 2014

Charlie's Easter Basket

As a child, I always thought Easter was about candy... kind of like Halloween. Living in a non-religious family, I didn't learn about the true meaning of Easter until I was an adult and even though I know more now than I did when I was a kid, Easter still = candy!

So we're going to have a little fun this year and Charlie's going to get her own Easter basket with the kind of "candy" that she likes! Since she's on a 1/2 raw diet, I've begun incorporating dehydrated organs and animal parts into her treat routine... and she absolutely LOVES them.

Lamb lung, duck feet and chicken hearts.

And since some animals are associated with Easter, I've included LAMB, DUCK and CHICKEN in her basket, as well as some new Kanine Kitchen treats... DOGGIE BISCOTTI!

In case you were wondering, Kanine Kitchen DOGGIE BISCOTTI is wheat-free and made with oat flour, peanut butter, bananas, apples and eggs. It's a big hit with my test doggies and is available on the website now (

Charlie and I will be soaking up sunshine, breathing fresh air and stretching our limbs on a long hike this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, and even if you're not religious (like me) get out and rejoice in nature's beauty!