Sunday, April 20, 2014

Roadtrip Saturday to Rib Falls

We drove north on Saturday toward the Harrison Hills Segment of the Ice Age Trail, enjoying a beautiful warm and sunny day with the sunroof open and fresh spring air swirling around us, looking forward to a long hike in the woods. Unfortunately I forgot that northern Wisconsin received 10+ inches of snow this past week. Upon arriving at the parking area off County Highway B, I realized our plans were going to have to change:  the parking lot and trail were snow-covered and I hadn't worn the proper footwear for these conditions.

On our way back south, we made a quick stop at the Prairie River Overlook and then drove through Merrill ending up at Council Grounds State Park where we were greeted with a chorus of frogs! Patches of snow remained in the shady spots, but the day was warm and pleasant. Charlie enjoyed a short hike along the Wisconsin River and we played a game of fetch at the sandy shore above the roaring dam.

Charlie waiting to play fetch!
(Only in Wisconsin:  the sign on the beach says - Snowmobiles Prohibited In This Area)

After a quick lunch, we hit the road again and drove west and then south toward Rib Falls. I wanted to see if the Big Rib River flooding had receded enough to allow us access to the beautiful rocky shoreline. We were in luck!

Charlie finding sticks.

Charlie found an abundance of sticks to play with while I explored tiny pools of water for tadpoles and small fish. We sat on the warm rocks and "zenned" out to the rush of water surrounding us.

Soaking up sun, breathing in fresh air and relaxing to the sounds of nature left us completely exhausted by the time we got home, where we immediately slumped into a late-afternoon nap.

Perfect day.

"Tide" pools at Big Rib River.