Friday, May 23, 2014

Safe Travels!

As everyone hits the road this holiday weekend, please remember to drive safely! Keep your dog in a secure place, whether using a doggie-seatbelt or crate, to prevent distracted driving and stay off your cell phones while driving. We all have somewhere to be and would like to get there in one piece. Thank you!

With that being said, YES - Charlie and I are hitting the road this weekend. We rarely travel on holiday weekends, but we're actually heading to southwestern Wisconsin while everyone else is heading north. Hopefully that means the traffic will be light.

We'll be visiting family and friends and having an early birthday party for me. I bought Charlie's friend, BB, a new toy to replace the ones that Charlie has broken, but she's already stolen the new toy.

And I'm pretty sure it had eyes a few minutes ago. Oh well... 'tis the life of a dog toy.

We've made plans to meet up with some new friends to hike a very special place on Monday and can't wait to tell you about it when we return! I'm also curious to see if Charlie's recent sessions with a behavioral trainer will help her make new friends. We shall see!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!