Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Trails Day - June 7

National Trails Day always falls on the first Saturday of June, and last year it happened to be my birthday; hiking a trail was an awesome way to spend a birthday!

I love hiking so much that I don't need a special occasion to get out on the trails plus Charlie and I are typically hiking every weekend anyway, but if you're new to hiking, National Trails Day is a perfect excuse to get out and explore! If you need inspiration or help finding events in your area, click on this LINK for more info.

We'll be heading out this Saturday for a 3-day weekend full of camping, hiking and exploring in one of Wisconsin's fabulous state parks that also happens to contain a segment of the Ice Age Trail. I'm so excited to explore a new place and share it with you, so make sure to check back next week for pictures and tales of our adventure!

And don't wait to find your own adventure - head out this weekend and go hiking!