Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday, Awesome Sunday

After a stressful and long day traveling across the state and back on Saturday, I was truly looking forward to a more relaxing day on Sunday.

The morning began with a batch of blueberry pancakes and a pot of coffee. Charlie had a big breakfast of Sojos mixed with fresh meat and blueberries. I sat in the backyard enjoying breakfast and watching birds flit back and forth between the trees and bird feeders while Charlie kept watch for squirrels. We played a short game of fetch and in general, just enjoyed a pleasant morning.

A little while later, I packed up the cooler with drinks and snacks and loaded Charlie into the car for a short drive to Hartman Creek State Park in Waupaca.

Having spent the previous morning packing up the car with all our camping gear and getting Charlie's expectations up for a fun trip then letting her down by just coming home, I felt like the worst dog-parent ever; I owed it to Charlie to have some fun today.

Fragrant pine forest.

Thankfully, Sunday was a completely different day - weatherwise - than Saturday. We had bright blue skies and sunshine for the entire day! Such a relief.

Giant rock along the Hartman Creek Segment of Ice Age Trail - trail selfies are hard!

We spent hours on hiking trails and even ended up on a section of the Ice Age Trail for a little bit.

Charlie took several swimming breaks throughout the afternoon, enjoying the cool, clear water. I get such a kick out of watching her body move through the water when she's swimming... it's really quite beautiful.

Distracted by flock of swimming geese in the distance.