Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hartman Creek State Park

Charlie and I took advantage of our "ticket to adventure" and headed down to Hartman Creek State Park today. Last year, we had a tiny little taste of this park when our hike on the Hartman Creek Segment of the Ice Age Trail ended there, but after that long, hot hike we didn't have any energy (or time) to explore the rest of the park.

I'm happy that we chose to return for further explorations because there is a lot to explore there! Tons of trails and beautiful lakes awaited us. We kept a leisurely pace today since we had friends along that couldn't keep up as well with our regular pace, but we had a blast anyway!

Charlie hiked, played fetch and swam in the crystal clear lakes. She was covered almost to her head in thick, black mud at one point but quickly rinsed off when we went swimming again. Charlie had such a full day of fun, sunshine, fresh air and exercise that she has been sleeping ever since we got home.

I think she'll be happy that tomorrow is Monday and I go back to work; she needs a recovery day! Since this park is only an hour drive from our house, we'll be returning very soon to explore the extensive trail system and cool off from summer's heat in the welcoming water.

Hope you all had a nice weekend too!