Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ticket to Adventure

Each year I get a state park sticker and while the image on the sticker changes every year, the possibilities residing within it consistently excite and amaze me! My long-time readers might even remember that this blog started with a state park sticker. And while I dedicate most of my hiking time to the Ice Age Trail, the state parks and forests are always a close second.

For a small fee of $25, Wisconsin residents can visit any state park or forest in our state for a calendar year simply by affixing this sticker to your windshield. Imagine all the adventures you can have for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!! The possibilities are endless.

And yet I'm amazed when I look around at cars in parking lots and see that very few, if any, have a state park sticker. I long for the opportunity to share my adventures with these people and get them excited about all the natural beauty at their fingertips, just waiting to be explored.

And so, as you head out next weekend to celebrate the "unofficial" start of summer - Memorial Day Weekend - I hope you'll consider purchasing a state park sticker (wherever you may live) and support these beautiful places set aside for our personal enjoyment.

Get out and explore your world - purchase your ticket to adventure! And don't forget your canine companion!