Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mud Bath @ Hartman Creek S.P.

This has been a frustrating week. I came down with a horrible cold last weekend and have had absolutely no energy this week. With sunny days and temps in the 60's and 70's all week, I've wanted nothing more than to be outside and hiking with Charlie. Unfortunately, being sick, my body was not cooperating.

I've been trying to appease Charlie with short bouts of playing fetch in the backyard, but she's not happy about this. She wants to go have some adventures.

And finally, FINALLY, today I'm feeling better! So we're heading out to Hartman Creek State Park in Waupaca to do some hiking and swimming. I'm looking forward to the fun road-trip, outdoor activities at the park, lunch at Weasels in Waupaca (the best pizza ever!) and maybe stop at Jung's Greenhouse to check out their succulents on the way home (I have a "thing" for succulents).

Charlie's mud-bath last year at Hartman Creek S.P.

We went to Hartman Creek around this same time last year and Charlie took herself swimming during our hike around the lake... unfortunately that part of the shoreline was black mud. It was an adorable moment - a half yellow dog, half black-mud dog. Lucky for us, the other side of the lake was crystal clear shoreline where she could rinse off before getting back in the car.

I've heard people pay big money for mud baths... perhaps they're good for dogs too! If so, Charlie is sure to find some more mud today.

Hope you enjoy your weekend... and get outside with your dog if you can!