Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Day of Release

The Christmas rush is over. The season of celebration and light is ending and the long dark days of winter are settling in. It's a time of peaceful reflection. And a time to release.

Wolf prints (large one in the middle)

Charlie and I spent the early afternoon hours today exploring a favorite trail. With Charlie off on a mission to find the perfect stick, I had time to take slow steps and let my eyes feast on this new landscape before me.

An open canvas of shapes illuminated by a light dusting of snow brought forth trees, branches, rocks and riverbanks not seen before.

My mind wandered through the moments of this past year as my boots slowly left tracks through the snow on the trail. Times of sadness, times of joy and times of knowing that all is right in the world.

And at this very moment, I feel content with everything in my life and there is a slow release of tension from my neck and shoulders as I let that thought sink in.

Everything is right with my world and I am at peace.


  1. Snow! We don't have it yet here in Madison, but I understand that is about to change. You are a good role model! I need to get out there for a good hike. Maybe after the snow falls but before the cold snap settles in!

    1. Now that we've gotten some snow (and unfortunately ice), walking on sidewalks and well-worn trails is getting slippery! I'm considering trying snow-shoes this year to gain access to trails that would normally be too deep for hiking, but honestly I'm looking forward to spring and dry sidewalks again! :)