Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thom Field

There's a high school athletic complex called Thom Field in our neighborhood. It consists of tennis courts, a football field and a series of soccer/lacrosse fields. It's bordered by neighborhoods on three sides and a strip of wooded area on the north side. A lot of local people walk their dogs along the wooded strip bordering that side of the complex, and depending on the time of year also let their dogs off-leash to play on the wide open grassy area of the soccer fields (whether allowed or not).

I am one of those people who occasionally let my dog off-leash in this area, although never when other dogs or people are around and I always make sure she does "her business" off the athletic fields so as not to dirty the area that kids are playing sports.

This field is like a beacon to Charlie.

No matter where we're walking in our neighborhood, she's constantly trying to steer me toward Thom Field.

We often have "Charlie's Choice" walks where she gets to choose which direction we go. Inevitably we end up at Thom Field.

There are times when I don't want to go to Thom Field and I have to literally drag her away from that direction. She sulks all the way home.

But since today was so beautiful and Charlie's walk was delayed until late afternoon due to other obligations, I let her choose her walk.

And of course we ended up at Thom Field. Gotta love her dedication and persistence.